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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
GermanyAn evil spirit familiar in the form of a gray cat that allegedly belongs to Rebecca West. West is indicted on charges of entertaining, employing, and feeding Germany for the purpose of witchcraft and sorcery, but does not appear to have been prosecuted or found guilty on these charges. WItnesses to her case include John Cutler and Thomas HartAssizes held at Chelmsford 17 July 1645 Indictment of Rebecca West of Lawford spinster, 1 June 20 [Chas.i], there "did enterteine, employ and feede" three evil spirits, one in the likeness " of a grey catt" called Germany, the second like" a white katt" called Newes and the third like "a young man" called " her husband", with the intention of getting their help in withcraft and sorcery. Witnesses: John Cutler, Thomas Hart

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