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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 52A familiar spirit in the form of a squirrel that is allegedly kept by Elizabeth Hare of Great Clacton in the county of Essex. Hare is indicted, found guilty, and executed by hanging on charges of having etertained, employed, and fed a familiar "in the likenesses of a squirrell." Her case is witnessed by Roger Himpson and John Knightes.Assizes held at Chelmsford 17 July 1645 Indictment of Elizabeth wife of Thomas Heard of Great Clacton yeo., April 21 Chas.I, There "did entertine, employ and feeds" an evil spirit "in the likenesses of a squirrell" &c. Pleads not guilty; guilty; hanged. Witnesses: Roger Himpson (sic), John Knightes.

Appears in:
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