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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 57A red mouse shaped familiar allegedly owned by Elizabeth Harvey, allegedly given to her by Marion Hocket in around 1638-1639 who promised her that "if shee would receive them, shee should never want so long as she lived." Since receiving, her and Hocket had a falling out, and Harvey claimed to have wanted to send these familiars, (one of the red mice as perhaps represented by Littleman, Pretttyman, and Daynty), back to their mistress, but was unable to. They tormented her, causing her to pained, and "much torn and troubled in her privy parts," as if these malicious imps "had pulled her in pieces." Harvey is indicted, tried, and found guilty on charges of having entertained, employed, and fed, "three evil spirits in the form 'of a red mousse.'" She is found guilty on these charges; however, Harvey is "reprieved after judgement and to remain to gaol until the next Gaol Delivery."Assizes held at Chelmsford 17 July 1645 Indictment of Elizabeth Harvy of Ramsey wid., 14 April 21 Chas.I, there "did enterteine, employ and feede" three evil spirits in the form "of a red mousse", &c. Pleads not guilty; guilty; hanged. Witnesses: Bridget Reynoldes, Joan Taylor, Mary Edwards, Mary Phillipps, John Batten, John Felgate

Appears in:
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