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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 58One of two black mole shaped familiars that are allegedly kept by Susan Went of Langham, Essex. Went is accused of entertaining, employing, and feeding "two evil spirits," charges that she "pleads not guilty" to. Went is ultimately found guilty of the charges against her, and is executed by hanging.Assizes held at Chelmsford 17 July 1645 Indictment of Susan went of Lanham widow, 1 April 20 Chas.I, there "did enterteine, employ and feede" two evil spirits, both in the form " of a black mole", &c. Pleads not guilty; guilty; hanged. Witnesses: Widow Mills, Grace Norman, Anne Wright, Math. Hopkins, Nich.Freeman.

Appears in:
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