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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 68A being in the shape of an ugly fiend with fiery eyes that Richard Galis alleged to see on the road late at night; it was sitting in a poor man's cart when Galis attacked it with his sword. Galis thought it was Satan himself, and bid it leave in God's name. A great light allegedly appeared around the cart, and the fiend dispersed with the light leaving nothing but the stench of brimstone behind.Hovve the Author hauing occasion to be abroade one night at the houre of their meeting, hee savve the Deuell in a Carte sitting, and hovve by the helpe of God he put him to flight, and of other strange accidentes done by him. MY courage nowe being augmented by the triumphant victorie gotten ouer myne enemies, and feling no more taste of my passed grieffes, my businesse so falling foorth, it was my chance one night about xj. of the clocke in the night to ride by the place where these Impes acustomed vse was to mete, to my house. And in my waye as I was ryding, my horse Leyng of a very good stomacke, sudainly stopped flinging and lashing out behinde, snorting and taking on out of all measure, neyther proceading further nor retorning back, wherewith all being litle amased because it was no straunge thing vnto me, I alighted and taking my sworde drawen in the one hand, and my buckler in the other, casting myne eye aside to see if I could perceiue anie bodie stirring, I sudainly spied a most horrible sight and oughly feende sitting in a poore mans cart, like one ryding to fetche in his haruest, with a payre of eies burning like the fiery flames, whose ougly shape when I behelde, falling on my knes in the middes of the dirt, I besought God to assist me with his strength against this feende, and that through his mightie power I might get the victorie. Then rising, I went towardes the place where this good fellowe was watching for his praye. At whom (my faith stedfastly set in the Lord) I let flye with my sword, saying, auoide Sathan auoyde, and in the name of God I charge the to auoide, thou hast nought to do with mee, wherefore go hunte after the Doe which hath caused the here to sitte. At which wordes: a great light appeared round about the carte where hee sat, and therewithall an horrible sent of brymstone was dispersed abroade, but he was no more seene afterwarde, with the which sent Maister Afton of the Scalding house co[m]ming that waye the self same present time, thought presently to haue died, had not helpe come in the meane time.

Appears in:
Galis, Richard. A Brief Treatise Containing the Most Strange and Horrible Cruelty of Elizabeth Stile alias Rockingham and her Confederates. London: 1572, Image 11-12