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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
BunA familiar that appears in the form of a great black cat, is named Bun, and is allegedly kept by Elizabeth Stile. Bun attempts to rescue Stile on her way to jail, only to be banished, as Stile hoped to gain favor though cooperation.Item she saith that foure or fiue of the ablest men in Windesor (if she had ben so disposed) should not haue brought her to the Gaile but that she came of her owne accorde, for by the way as she went with Iohn Browne to the Gaile who was her Guide thither, her Bun came to her in the like nesse of a great black Cat and would haue had her away, but hoping for fauour, she banished him againe.

Appears in:
Galis, Richard. A Brief Treatise Containing the Most Strange and Horrible Cruelty of Elizabeth Stile alias Rockingham and her Confederates. London: 1572, 27