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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 74A spirit that appears in the form of a little rugged dog with a white coat, who appeared to Elizabeth Francis when she cursed Alice Poole for refusing to loan her yeast; this spirit promised to plague Poole in the head in exchange for a crust of white bread.[T]he saied Elizabeth Fraunces co[n]fessed that about Lent last (as she now remembreth) she came to one Pooles wife her neighbour, and required some olde yest of her, but beyng denied the same, she departed towardes one good wife Osbornes house a neighbour dwelling thereby of whome she had yest, and in her waie going towardes the saied good wife Osbornes house, shee cursed Pooles wife, and badde a mischief to light vppon her, for that she would giue her no yest, Whereuppon sodenly in the waie she hard a greate noise, and presently there appered vnto her a Spirite of a white colour in seemyng like to a little rugged Dogge, standyng neere her vppon the grounde, who asked her whether she went? shee aunswered for suche thinges as she wanted, and she tolde him therewith that she could gette no yeest of Pooles wife and therefore wisled the same Spirite to goe to her and plague her, whiche the Spirite promised to doe, but first he bad her giue him somewhat, then she hauing in her hand a crust of white bread, did bite a peece thereof and threwe it vppon the grounde, whiche she thinketh he tooke vp and so went his waie, but before he departed from her she willed hym too plague Pooles wife in the head, and since then she neuer sawe him, but she hath harde by her neighbours that the same Pooles wife was greuously pained in her head not longe after, and remayneth very sore payned still, for on saterdaie last past this Examinate talked with her.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Detection of Damnable Driftes Practised by Three Witches Arranged at Chelmifforde in Essex. London: 1579, 4-5