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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 76A spirit that appears in the form of a black dog, and is allegedly seen leaving Widow Webbe's home immediately following the death of her daughter; the daughter had been struck in the face by Ellen Smith causing her to become ill and die in vengeance for a falling out with Ellen Smith's daughter, implying that this being had been summoned at her behest. The sight of the black dog distressed Widow Webbe out of her wits.Also it was auouched, and by this prisoner confessed, that where as her daughter, and the daughter of one Widowe Webbe of Maldon afore saied, did fall out and fight, the same Ellein Smithe offended thereat, meetyng good wife Webbes daughter the nexte daie, gaue her a blowe on the face, wherevpon so soone as the childe came home she sickened, and languishyng twoo daies, cried continually, awaie with the Witche, awaie with the Witch, and so died. And in the mornyng immediatly after the death of the same childe, the saied good wife Webbe espied (as she thought) a thyng like to a blacke Dogge goe out at her doore, and presently at the sight thereof, she fell distraught of her wittes.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Detection of Damnable Driftes Practised by Three Witches Arranged at Chelmifforde in Essex. London: 1579, 9