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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
PhillipA familiar that appears in the form of a rat, and is allegedly kept by Elizabeth Stile. Philip is fed with crumbs of bread and blood drawn from Stiles right wrist, an act that has evidently left permanent marks on her skin. At one time, Philip provided Stile with milk and cream when she was unable to beg any.5 Item, the saied Elizabeth Stile, alias Rockyngham, of her self confesseth that she the same Elizabeth, vntil the tyme of her apprehension, kepte a Ratte, beeyng in very deede a wicked Spirite, namyng it Philip, and that she fedde the same Ratte with bloode, issuyng from her right handwrest, the markes whereof euidently remaine, and also that she gaue her right side to the Deuill, and so did the residue of the Witches before named.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Rehearsal both Strange and True. London: 1579, 11