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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 85A spirit that appears in the form of a "great black man with no head" to Anne Styles during her fits and asks her for her soul. When Styles replied that it was not hers to give even though he had her blood, Anonymous 85 tumbled and threw her about, before vanishing in a great gleaning fire. [W]ith this noise being frighted, had not power with the rest, to go out of the room, staid there [...] d saw a spirit in the likeness of a great black man, with no head, in the toom souffling with the maid, and took her and set her into a chair, and told her she must go with him, he was come for her foul,sfhe had given it to him: but the maid answered, that her f[..] was none of her own to five, it belonged to her Lord and Savior Jefus Chrift, who had puchased it with his own precious blood; and although he had got her blood, yet he should never have her foul; Whereupon after tumbling and throwing the maid about the Devil Vanifhed in a glame of fire.

Appears in:
Anonymous. Doctor Lambs Darling. London: 1653, 6