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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 88One of two spirits that possess the young Maid from Arpington (Annoymous 32) in the county of Kent, causing her to suffer from tormenting fits. The two spirits (Anonymous 18 and Anonymous 88) speak from within the Maid and chant, "Weaker and weaker, weaker and weaker," as well as cause her to "bark like a little Dogg twice together." One of the spirits (Anonymous 18) is exorcised from the Maid after Doctor Boreman prays for her, with the spirit emerging from her mouth in the form of a serpent. Anonymous 88, however, remains within the maid, causing her face to contort so horribly, it is believed that not even her closest relatives would recognize her. This spirit would also make noise whenever Anonymous 32 moves, sometimes answering questions posed to it, and "at other times, making a hideous murmuring, as if it disliked its present habitation." This spirit appears to remain in possession of the maid.Heaven only knows, but at length one of these Sprits or Devils was heard by all the Spectators, and particularly by Mrs. Hooper, who then stood very near her, in a dreadful Tone to speak these words very distinctly, Weaker and weaker, weaker and weaker; which Exclamation it repeated four times over, and the ceased [] But this Gentlewoman being of a undaunted Courage, was resolved to stay and see the last of what would happen, and therefore stirred not out of the Room till the Doctor had done, and a little after, both she and all that were left in the Room, might again hear one of the same Spirits within her, which had got possession of the Maid, to bark like a little Dogg twice together [] That as the aforesaid Doctor was Praying again for this distressed Creature, a live and seeming substance forcd its way out of her mouth in likeness of a large Serpent, and flew to the Doctor, winding itself, in the presence of the whole auditory about his neck, where if for some time remaind, till some of the standers by were going to pluck it off, at which it immediately Vanished, and was never seen since [...] There yet remains another of these Spirits in this Maid, which many times distorts her in the manner abovementioned, the noys of it is heard as she goes or moves; it will at some times answer several questions proposed to it, at other times make a hideous murmuring, as if it disliked its present habitation; which unparalleled wonder, People come far and near to see, and all return with the same acknowledgment, that they never saw nor heard the like all their Lives.

Appears in:
Hopper, Mrs. Strange News from Arpington near Bexly in Kent being a True Narrative of a Young Maid who was Possest with Several Devils or Evil Spirits. London: 1679, 3-6