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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 115A familiar spirit that takes on the form of both a rat and a toad, known to belong to Ellen Smith; when John Eastwood refused Ellen Smith's son alms, Smith sent this spirit to Eastwood's home to cause him pain. Eastwood, with the assistance of a visiting neighbor, catches the familiar in tongs and holds it in the fire, causing the fire to turn bright blue and almost go out, and bringing an agonized Smith to his door.The sonne of the foresaid Ellen Smithe, of the age of thirteene yeres, or there aboutes, came to the house of one Ihon Estwood of Malden, for to begge an almose, who chid the boye awaie from his doore, wherevppon he wente home and tolde his mother, and within a while after the said Estwood was taken with very greate paine in his bodie, and the same night followyng, as he satte by the fire with one of his neighbours, to their thinkyng thei did see a Ratte runne vp the Chimney, and presently it did fall doune again in the likenesse of a Tode, and takyng it vp with the tongges, thei thruste it into the fire, and so helde it in Forcesibly, it made the fire burne as blewe as Azure, and the fire was almoste out, and at the burnyng thereof the saied Ellen Smithe was in greate paine and out of quiete, wherevppon dissemblyngly she came to the house of the fore saied Ihon Estwood, and asked how all that were there did, and he saied well I thanke God, and she said, I thought you had not been well, and therefore I came to see how you did, and so went her waie.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Detection of Damnable Driftes Practised by Three Witches Arranged at Chelmifforde in Essex. London: 1579, 6-7