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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 122 (plural) A group of fairies that appears before John Walsh, and advises him on who has been bewitched. The fairies appear in various colours including "white, greene, & black," and only "between the houres of xii and one at noone, or at midnight," because that is when Walsh uses them.Seuenthly, he being demau~ded how he knoweth when anye man is bewytched: He sayth that he knew it partlye by the Feries, and saith that ther be. iii. kindes of Feries, white, greene, & black. Which when he is disposed to vse, hee speaketh with them vpon hyls, where as there is great heapes of earth, as namely in Dorsetshiere. And betwene the houres of. xii. and one at noone, or at midnight he vseth them. Whereof (he sayth) the blacke Feries be the woorst. Also he saith that he had a booke of hys said maister, which had great circles in it wherein he would set two waxe candels a crosse of virgin waxe, to raise the familiar spirite. Of whom he woulde then aske for any thing stollen, who dyd it, and where the thing stollen was left, and thereby did know, and also by the Feries he knoweth who be bewitched.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Examination of John Walsh before Master Thomas Williams. London: 1566, 3