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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 128A devil that allegedly possesses Richard Dugdale on September 26, 1689, causing him to become deaf and dumb for the time period of a month. This is confessed to the minister Mr. Jolly through writing on a piece of paper. This is to Certifie you, That the Ministers have concluded to observe Sept the 26th at the Surey, for the Young Man, who has been seized on by a Dumb and Deaf Devil, since I saw you, that is, whilst the Ministers were imployed in Praying and Preaching. When we were a going out of the House [on Sept. the 3d] towards the Oratory, he delivered a written Paper to Mr. Jolly; wherein was signified, that the Spirit, had told him, that he should continue Deaf and Dumb a Month together, if the Ministers Prayed so long, and that time it was verified, for Deafness and Dumbness seized upon him, when we went forth to the place of Prayer

Appears in:
Jollie, Thomas. The Surey Demoniack, or, An Account of Satans Strange and Dreadful Actings. London: 1697, 22