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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 139A devil in the shape of a grey-hound, who allegedly possess the seventeen year old male servant of Henry Chowning in Kent. The Devil appears before the servant (Anonymous 384) and afterward, causes the servant to fall very ill. Dr. Skinner attends to the boy, and concludes that the devil possessed him, tempting him "to strange things, as to go to Sea," speaks through him, and causing him much pain. Dr. Skinner casts out the spirit from the boy with medicine, so that "he was made perfectly well in 18 days time."I Margaret Gurr, servant to Mr. Christopher Elderidge in the Parish of Tunbridge in Kent, had two Devils appeared to me about Ten of the Clock in the forenoon, one Sunday the 19th Day of July, 1681. One of these two Devils seemed to be in Gray Cloathing, and the other in Black: The black Devil was of little Stature and short, the gray Devil was of stout thick squat Stature; they both ran behind the Table that was in the Room. The gray Devil would have me hang my self with Clock-Lines that was in the Room; then the Devil told me, That if I would not hang my self with the Clock-Lines, I should put or thrust Knitting-Needles in my Ears, and so destroy or kill my self that way.

Appears in:
Skinner, John. A Strange and Wonderful Relation of Margaret Gurr of Tunbridge, in Kent. Unknown: 1681-1684, 1