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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 143A familiar from Lowestoft in the County of Suffolk, known to belong to Rose Cullender and take the form of a dog. According to Mary Chandler's deposition against Cullender, Susan Chandler saw an apparition of Cullender accompanied by the dog during her fits of vomiting pins, blindness and dumbness.And this Deponent farther saith, That her said Daughter (being of the Age of Eighteen Years) was then in Service in the said Town of Leystoff, and rising up early the next Morning to Wash, this Rose Cullender appeared to her, and took her by the hand, whereat she was much affrighted, and went forth with to her Mother, (being in the same town) and acquainted her with what she had seen; but being extreamly terrified, she fell extream sick, much grieved at her Stomach; and that Night after being in Bed with another young out, and fell into such extream fits as if she were distracted, crying against Rose Cullender; saying, she would come to bed to her. She continued in this manner beating and wearing her self, insomuch, that this Deponent was glad to get help to attend her. In her Intervals she would declare, That some time she saw Rose Cullender, at another time with a great Dog with her: She also vomited up divers crooked Pins; and sometimes she was stricken with blindness, and at another time she was Dumb[.]

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Tryal of Witches. London: 1682, 40-41