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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Ladies of ScaldingThree furies who appear before Joseph Buxford in Hell. They are "attending upon" two men being tortured in Hell, Greenvile and Goring, who served in the "Malignant Army" Joseph Buxford wants to join. Their office is known as the Ladies of Scalding, and they pour acomite down the throats of Greenvile and Goring.There was preparation made for Greenvile and Goring, whose places was allotted unto them close by Sir Peter Ball, there to stand with three furies attending upon them whose Office was foure Ladies of Scalding Acomite downe their belching throats.

Appears in:
Massey, Edward. A True and Perfect Relation of a Boy, Who was Entertained by the Devill. London: 1645, 4