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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 148A familiar from Goadby in the County of Leicestershire, known to take the shape of a little white dog, allegedly belonging to Joan Willimott. Ellen Greene claimed during her examination to have seen this spirit sucking on Willimott under her left flank at Willimott's home, around the time of the last barley harvest.The Examination of Ellen Greene of Stathorne in the County of Leicester, taken the 17. of March 1618. by Sir Henry Hastings Kt: and Samuel Fleming D. of Diuinitie, two of his Maiesties Iustices of the Peace of his said County. [...] And shee further saith, that the said Ioane Willimot had a spirit sucking on her, vnder the left flanke, in the likenesse of a little white Dogge, which this Examinate saith, that she saw the same sucking in Barley-haruest last, being then at the house of the said Ioan Willimot.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Wonderful Discovery of the Witchcrafts of Margaret and Phillip Flower. London: 1619, Fv-F2