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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 159A familiar spirit from Catworth in the County of Huntingdon, known to belong to Elizabeth Weed, which appears in the form of a young man or boy. This spirit allegedly appeared to Elizabeth Weed and offered its services, in addition to two other spirits named Lilly and Priscill, if Weed would renounce God and Christ and worship them instead. This spirit had her sign a compact in her blood, which he extracted from her left armpit; the compact gave Weed 21 years of service from the familiars and required that she give up her soul. Thereafter, this spirit's role was "to lye with her carnally, when and as often as she desired, and that hee did lye with her in that manner very often."She saith, that about one and twenty yeares since the being saying her Prayers in the evening about bedtime, there did appeare unto her three Spirits, one in the likeness of a young man or boy, and the other two of two Puppies, the one white and the other black: and that which was in the shape of a young man did speak unto her, asking her, if shee would renounce God and Christ; shee answered, shee would. And the Devill then offerd her, that hee would doe what mischiefe she should require him; and said she must covenant with him that he must have her soule at the end of one and twenty years, which she granted. And saith, that he came to her about a week after, about ten of the clock in the night, with a Paper, and asked her whether she were willing so seale the Covenant, shee said she was, then he told her it must be done with her bloud, and so pricked her under her left arme and made her bleed in the place: A great lumpe of flesh did rise, and hath encreased ever since, and he scribed therewith. And being demanded what light was there, she answered, none by the light of the Spirit, and presently he came to bed her, and the carnall knowledge of her, and so did divers times after, and saith, the other two Spirits did then, and at other times come into her bed also, and suckt upon other parts of her body where shee had Teats. Being demanded the name of the lesser Spirits, shee saith the name of the white one was Lilly, and the blacke one Priscill; and that the office and that the office of Lilly was to hurt man, woman or coiled; and the office of Priscill was to hurt Cattell when she desired. And the office of the man-like Spirit was to lye with her carnally, when and as often as she desired, and that hee did lye with her in that manner very often[.]

Appears in:
Davenport, John. The Witches of Huntingdon. London: 1646, 1-2