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Assertions for a specific being.

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Jacke (2)One of two min-horse spirits which, according to her daughter, Feby Hunt, allegedly belong to Ales Hunt of St. Osyth, in the county of Essex. This familiar, Jacke, is said to be black. Febey contends that Jacke and its white-colored sibling are "kept in a litle lowe earthen pot with woll, colour white and blacke," kept by her mother's bedside, and fed with "milke out of a blacke trening dishe." She walks the constables through her home, pointing to their shelf and the dish which they ate from (which the constables confiscated.) Although she did "also confesse that her mother had charged her not to tell any thing," Feby also contends that her mother sent both her familiars to Hayward of Frowicke, but to what end shee can not tell, & shee being asked howe she knew the same, saieth, that shee hard her mother bid them to go." Hunt later confesses, on her knees and in tears, to having Jacke and its partner Robbin, but claimed that both of them had abandoned her, "and willed her therefore to shift for her selfe. And so they went from her, and sithence this Examinate saith shee sawe them not."THe sayd Ales Hunt beeing asked, whether there was anye falling out beetwene this Examinate, and Haywarde of Frowycke, or his Wyfe: saieth, there was none: But rather shee had cause to be beeholding vnto them: saying, that Haywardes wife did christen her a Childe. And she being charged to haue a spi[r]it in a potsharde, which Ursleye Kempe had seene, denyed that shee had anye such, or that shee had plagued Haywardes Cattell with that or with any other spirite. This Examinate being asked, if she neuer did feede her spirits with mylke out of a lyttle trenyng dishe, sayde no: the which dyshe was brought by the Constable from her house, and then shewed to this Examynate, the which shee denyed to bee her dyshe, or that she had any such in her house. This Examinates warrant beeing made, and to her read, and shee committed to the Counstable to be carryed to the Gaile, desired to speake alone with mee the saide Bryan Dar[...]: wherevpon I wente into my Garden, and this Examinate followed mee, shee then falling vppon her knees with weeping teares, confessed and sayde, that shee had within vi. dayes before this examination, two spirits, like vnto little Coltes, the one blacke, and the other white: And saith she called them by the names of Iacke and Robbin: And that they tolde her, that the sayde Ursleye Kempe woulde bewray her this Examinate, and willed her therefore to shift for her selfe. And so they went from her, and sithence this Examinate saith shee sawe them not.

Appears in:
W., W. . A True and Just Record, of the Information, Examination and Confession of all the Witches, taken at S. Osyth in the county of Essex. London: 1582, C3-C3v