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Assertions for a specific being.

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Anonymous 167 (Plural)A number of tiny white speckled and black birds which allegedly belong to Annis Heard of Little Oakly, Essex. According to her seven year old daughter, Annis Dowsing, Heard keeps these spirits in a box, and feeds them with wheat, barley, oats, bread, and cheese and gives them water or beer to drink. The bird spirits would, according to Dowsing, suck blood from her mother's hands and her brother's legs, but appear to have left Dowsing alone (she had to clarify to the examiners that the spot upon her hand was a burn, presumably as opposed to a witch's mark. Despite their vampiric tendencies, these spirits are described as rather begin. Dowsing claimed that brother would evidently play with these bird spirits until their "tuitling and tetling," grew tiresome, at which time he would put them back into their box. Despite her daughter's colourful evidence, Annis Heard "denieth that she hath any imps Aueses or blacke birds." The enformation of Annis Dowsing base daughter of Annis Herd, taken before mee Brian Darcey Esquire, one of her Majesties Justices, the xviii. day of March. The said Annis saith, that shee is of age of vii. yeeres the Saturday before our Lady next, and shee being asked whether her mother had any little things, or any little imps, she saith, that she hath in one boxe sixe Avices or Blackbirds: being asked of what colour, shee saith, they be white speckled, and all blacke, and she saith, that she hat in another boxe, vi. spirits like Cowes (being asked howe big) shee saith, they be as big as Rattes, & that they have little short hornes, & they lie in the boxes upon white and blacke wooll: and she saith, that her mother gave unto her one of the saide Cowes, whiche was called by teh name of Crowe, which us of colour black & white. and she saith, yt her mother gave to her brother one of them, which she called Donne, & that is of colour red & white. And she being asked wherewithall se had seene her mother to feed the Avices & blackbirdes, she saith, she hath seene her feed them somtimes wt wheat, barley, somtimes wt otes, & with bread & cheese, & the Cowes yt were like beasts, somtime wt wheat straw, somtime wt barley straw, ote straw and wt hey, & being asked what she gave them to drinke, she saith, sometimes water & sometimes beere, such drinke as they drunke. She this examinat saith, yt her brother somtimes seeing them the Avices and blackbirdes, to come about him, saith, that he saith they keepe a tuitling and tetling, and that then hee taketh them and put them into the boxes. She being asked if she saw them sucke upon her mother, saith, that the Avices & blackbirdes have sucked upon her hands, and upon her brothers legges: being willed to shew the place, she said, here sucked Aves & here sucked Aves, and heere sucked Blackbird. And being asked how one spot upon the backe of her hands came so somewhat like the other, she saith the same was burnt.

Appears in:
W., W. . A True and Just Record, of the Information, Examination and Confession of all the Witches, taken at S. Osyth in the county of Essex. London: 1582, F4-F4v