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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 171A number of familiars in the form of cats, belonging to a woman of "evil fame" (Anonymous 419) in Winchester in the county of Hampshire. These seven or nine cats appear to a schoolmistress (Anonymous 418) "just before the coming of her fit," one by one. They would then "crawl about, and stick against the walls, making a dreadful yelling," as well as "hideous noise." This is continued for a quarter of an hour in the same room as the schoolmistress who is to experience a fit, and then they would disappear, and be followed by a "mighty great light." The two pet cats belonging to the schoolmistress herself would "fly as if they were Devil-drove" if they were in the same room as these familiars. The pet cats would go to the fire, the oven, the chimney, or "any way to avoid the room," and could not rest or eat after an encounter, but instead "pin'd away after a piteous manner."These Fits seized on her very frequently, sometimes twice or thrice in one day, sometimes whole days together: And it was very observable, that just before the coming of her fit, there would come into the Room a vast large Cat, after that another, and so till the number were seven, or nine; these would crawl about, and stick against the walls, making a dreadful yelling, hideous noise, and after they had continued about a quarter of an hour, they would suddenly disappear,

Appears in:
Bovet, Richard. Pandaemonium. London: 1684, 191