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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 172A monster who appears to a falconer (Anonymous 422) in Sherborne, in the county of Dorset, in the shape of a goblin while he is reading "a certain Book." The falconer had not read much in the book, "before he saw something come to the side of the bed," which was a goblin. This "frightful" creature makes the falconer remember a conversation he had had with a huntsman (Anonymous 423) earlier that day, saying that the falconer (Anonymous 422) was always "looking upwards, and Blaspheming," which greatly troubles the falconer.the Falconer betook himself to a certain Book he had got out of the Chaplains Chamber, who used to lend him one at times, to incourage him in reading: It happened to be of the 198 wrong sort for the poor Falconer; for he had not read much in it, before he saw something come to the side of the Bed, which he could have wisht farther off: the frightful Goblin brought to his remembrance what the Huntsman had charged him withal, viz. looking upwards, and Blaspheming,

Appears in:
Bovet, Richard. Pandaemonium. London: 1684, 197 - 198