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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 173A monster in the form of a "huge Bear," with "very large flaming Eyes," who appears before Mr. Edmund Ansty one night, as he rode to his home in South Petherton, in the county of Somerset. The bear appears when Mr. Edmund Ansty's horse acts oddly some "dozen miles from home," by rushing "very violently with him against one side of the Bank," and pressing them into the bushes. Then, the "Hedges cracked with a dismal noise," and along the road, approaching Mr. Edmund Ansty was "a large Circle of duskish light, about the bigness of a very large Wheel," within was the "proportion of a huge Bear." The bear passes by Mr. Edmund Ansty, and as he did so, the "horrid Monster looked very gashfully at him, shewing a pair of very large flaming Eyes." When the monster is gone, the horse spurs home with Mr. Edmund Ansty.At length Mr. Ansty heard the Hedges crack with a dismal noise, and perceived coming towards him in the Road, which is there pretty wide, a large Circle of a duskish light, about the bigness 201 of a very large Wheel, and in it he perfectly saw the proportion of a huge Bear, as if it had been by day-light; It passed near by him, and as it came just over against the place where he was, the horrid Monster looked very gashfully at him, shewing a pair of very large flaming Eyes. As soon as ever it was gone by, his Horse sprung into the Road, and made homeward with so much hast, that he could not possibly rein him in, and had much ado to keep the Saddle.

Appears in:
Bovet, Richard. Pandaemonium. London: 1684, 200-201