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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 180A spirit known to be covered in a white sheet that appeared at Two Bridges on the road between Preston and Salmesbury, which Grace Sowerbutts claimed rescued her from Jennet Bierley. Bierley had taken the shape of a dog with two legs, and tried to convince Sowerbutts to drown herself. Bierley disappeared when Anonymous 180 came. It carried Sowerbutts away and then vanished. The Examination and Euidence of GRACE SOVVERBVTTS, daughter of THOMAS SOVVERBVTTS, of Salmesbury, in the Countie of Lancaster Husband-man, vpon her Oath, Against IENNET BIERLEY, ELLEN BIERLEY, and IANE SOVTHVVORTH, prisoners at the Barre, vpon their Arraignement and Triall, viz. [...] And she further sayth, That vpon Saterday, being the fourth of this instant Aprill, shee this Examinate going towards Salmesbury bote, to meete her mother, comming from Preston, shee saw the said Iennet Bierley, who met this Examinate at a place called the Two Brigges, first in her owne shape, and afterwards in the likenesse of a blacke Dogge, with two legges, which Dogge went close by the left side of this Examinate, till they came to a Pitte of Water, and then the said Dogge spake, and persuaded this Exami|nate to drowne her selfe there, saying, it was a faire and an easie death: Whereupon this Examinate thought there came one to her in a white sheete, and carried her away from the said Pitte, vpon the comming whereof the said blacke Dogge departed away; and shortly after the said white thing departed also:

Appears in:
Potts, Thomas. The Wonderfull Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster. London: 1613, K4v-L