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Assertions for a specific being.

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Anonymous 187A spirit or familiar from Paddiham in the County of Lancashire, known to appear in the shape of a toad, allegedly belonging to Margaret Pearson. Jennet Booth claimed to have seen this spirit sitting in the fire at Pearson's home the week after Pearson was gaoled. Booth's young daughter carried the toad out of the house in a pair of tongs.The Examination of IENNET BOOTH, of Paddiham, in the Countie of Lancaster, the ninth day of August 1612. Before NICHOLAS BANNESTER, Esquire; one of his Maiesties Iustices of Peace in the Countie of Lancaster. IEnnet, the wife of Iames Booth, of Paddiham, vpon her oath saith, That the Friday next after, the said Pearsons wife, was committed to the Gaole at Lancaster, this Examinate was carding in the said Pearsons house, hauing a little child with her, and willed the said Margerie to giue her a little Milke, to make her said child a little meat, who fetcht this Examinate some, and put it in a pan; this examinat meaning to set it on the fire, found the said fire very ill, and taking vp a stick that lay by her, and brake it in three or foure peeces, and laid vpon the coales to kindle the same, then set the pan and milke on the fire: and when the milke was boild to this Examinates content, she tooke the pan wherein the milke was, off the said fire, and with all, vnder the bottome of the same, there came a Toade, or a thing very like a Toade, and to this Examinates thinking came out of the fire, together with the said Pan, and vnder the bottome of the same, and that the said Margerie did carrie the said Toade out of the said house in a paire of tonges; But what shee the said Margerie did therewith, this Exami|nate knoweth not.

Appears in:
Potts, Thomas. The Wonderfull Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster. London: 1613, T