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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 188An unknown number of spirits or familiars from MIlton in the county of Bedford, known to belong to Mary Sutton. According to Mary's son Henry Sutton, they took the form of cats, moles and more, and would suck from the teat found under her left thigh.The morrow after Master Enger road into the fields where Mary Sutton (the daughter) was, hauing some of his men to accompany him, where after some questions made vnto her, they assayed to binde her on horse-backe, when all his men being presently stricken lame, Master Enger himselfe began to remember, that once rating her about his man, he was on the sodaine in the like perplexitie, and then taking courage, and desiring God to bee his assistance, with a cudgell which he had in his hand, he beate her till she was scarce able to stirre. At which his men presently recouered, bound her to their Masters horse, and brought her home to his house, & shutting vp his Mill gates did as before the Gentleman had aduised him: when being throwne in the first time shee sunke some two foote into the water with a fall, but rose againe, and floated vpon the water like a planke. Then he commanded her to be taken out, and had women readie that se[arche]d her and found vnder her left thigh a kind of [te]at, which after the Bastard sonne confest her Spirits in seuerall shapes as Cats, Moales, &c. vsed to sucke her.

Appears in:
Anonymous. Witches Apprehended, Examined, and Executed. London : 1613, C2v-C3