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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 215A devil or familiar from Feversham in the County of Kent, alleged to have appeared to Joan Cariden, alias Argoll, in the form of "a black rugged Dog". Cariden claimed this familiar came to her in the night and "spake to her in mumbling language." He returned the next night to demand that she deny God and rely on him instead, promising her that he would revenge her of anyone she wanted. Caridan agreed and allowed the familiar to suck from her; he did so numerous times thereafter and the sucking did not cause her pain.The second Examination of the said Joan Cariden, alias Argoll, taken the same day before the Major. THis Examinant saith, that in the same yeere that this Major was formerly Major the Divell came to her in the shape of a blacke rugged Dog, in the night time, and crept into the bed to her, and spake to her in mumbling language; The next night it came to her againe, and required this examinant to deny God and leane to him, and that then he would revenge her of any one she owed ill will to, and thereupon this examinant promised him her soule upon those conditions; And that about that time the Divell sucked this examinant, and hath divers times since sucked her, and that it was no paine to her.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Examination, Confession, Trial, and Execution, of Joane Williford, Joan Cariden, and Jane Hott. London: 1645, 3