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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 217A devil or familiar from Feversham in the County of Kent, alleged to appear in the form of a mouse and belong to Elizabeth Harris. Harris claimed during her examination that this familiar first appeared to her 19 year before and told her that he would fulfil her desire to be revenged; she called him her Impe. Anonymous 217 demanded that she forsake Christ and rely on him instead, so she scratched her breast with her nails and gave him the blood to write the covenant with. A fortnight later, he sucked from her for the first time and she felt no pain. When she wanted it to revenge her on someone, she would say that "she desired that God would revenge her of him." In this manner, she called on Anonymous 217 to go after Goodman Chilman, who had accused her of stealing a pig. Chilman soon pined away and died. She also bid Anonymous 217 to revenge her on John Woodcott's "High," for her son had drowned while out in it, and soon after the boat was cast away.The Examination of Elizabeth Harris the 26 of September, 1645. before Master Major. THis examinant saith, that about 19 yeeres agoe the Divell did appeare to her in the forme of a Muse: she further saith, that she had a desire to be revenged, and the divell told her that she should be revenged; she called the Divell her Impe. She further saith, Goodman Chilman of Nuenham said that she stole a Pigge, then she desired that God would revenge her of him, and the man pined away and dyed, and she saw it apparent that her Impe was the cause of that mans death; she further saith, that the Divell bid her to forsake Christ and leane to him, whereupon she saith that she scratched her selfe with her nailes and fetched blood from her breast, and she wiped it with her finger and gave it to her Impe who wrote the covenant with it: she further saith, that a fortnight after the divell sucked her, but she felt no paine. Being demanded how many Witches were in Town? she answered, that were a heavy sentence. She further saith that Goodwife Dadson, Ioan Argoe, William Argos wife, Goodwife Cox have very bad tongues; She further saith that her Impe did sucke her every three or foure nights; she further saith that her sonne being drowned in Goodman Woodcots High she wished that God might be her revenger, which was her watchword to the Divell, and this High was cast away, and she conceives that her wish was the cause of its being cast away[.]

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Examination, Confession, Trial, and Execution, of Joane Williford, Joan Cariden, and Jane Hott. London: 1645, 5-6