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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 220An apparition from Titchmarsh in the county of Huntingdon, known to appear in the shape of a black child and to belong to Mother Alice Samuel. Elizabeth Throckmorton claimed to see Mother Samuel standing before her with Anonymous 220 on her shoulder. She begged to be saved from this apparition, and when the fit ended she was rendered unable to speak or eat.Upon the last day of August, shee has a very sodaine and sore fitte presently after dinner, door shee cryed out very griuously to beare, that mother Samuell stoode before her in a white sheete with a blacke Childe sitting uppon her shoulders, saying: looke where shee is, looke where shee is, away with your Childe mother Samuell I will none of your Childe, trembling every ioint, and sweating marvellously, calling upon her Uncle master Pickering and others to save her from mother Samuels Childe, and wich such lamentable speeches because no body would helpe her, that it did greatly grieue those that were present. After this fitte ended, her teeth were set in her heade, by which meanes her speech also was taken from her it may bee, because shee disclosed more than mother Samuell would vouchsafe to have knowne, after a while shee greatly mourned inwardly and wept very sore, often putting her hand to her mouth, and shaked very hard. This closing of her mouth did greatly affright us all, because it could not bee that shee shoulde naturally bee preserued without the ordinary meanes of foode, yet the often experience we had received of Gods merciful providence and care towards the Childe, vanquished dispaire in us, yet could it not but greatly grieue even a mercilesse Chants hart (but that the Diuell hath no mercy) to see how the Childe wept and lamented, many times putting her hande to her mouth, and lifting up her heade, as giuing cirsting signes of an hungry desire for meate and drinke. Towards night when shee should goe to bedde, it pleased God (whose helpe is always at hande, when hope was in greatest distress) that this meanes was found out, the Childe wanted a tooth, whereat by the helve of a quill, shee sucked up some milke, and the same meanes receiued her drinke. After this was done, shee greatly rejoyced in countenance and outwards signes for shee coulde not speake, but clapping her handes on her breast and belly (as it may be thought) for that shee had found out a way to deceiue the malice of her enemy: For the children in all their assaults, though they took the soyle for a time, yet whensoever it pleased God a little to ease them, though but in part yet woulde they greatly triumph in wordes if they coulde speake, as to say I defie thee thou wicked spirite , doe what thou canst, thou canst doe me no hurt, thou seest that God is stronger than thou, thou art as good to let mee alone, I am glad at my heart that thou canst not overcome me, with many such like speeches, though in the very uttering of them, the enemy seemed to check & to torment them for it, y strayning their body, and stopuing the course of their speech, and if they could not speake, then would they reioyce in counternance, and outward signes, and this kind of triumphing after the extremity of the fitte be past, is true in them all, from the eldest to the youngest.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Most Strange and Admirable Discouerie of the Three Witches of Warboys . Unknown: 1593, 22-23