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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 221An apparition from Ramsey in the county of Huntingdon, known to belong to Mother Alice Samuel. According to Lady Cromwell, Anonymous 221 appeared to her in a nightmare and was sent by Mother Samuel to "pulcke of all the skin and flesh from her armes & body." Lady Cromwell became sick soon after with fits similar to those suffered by the Throckmorton children, and died of them 15 months later.The same night, after the Lady Cromwell departed fro Warboyse, she suffered many things in her dream concerning mother Samuell, & she was very strangly tormented in her sleep, by a cat (as she imagined) which mother Samuel had sent unto her, which cat offered to pulcke of all the skin and flesh from her armes & body, but such was the strugling and striuing of the Lady that night in her bed, & mournfull noise, which shee made speaking to the cat, and to mother Samuel that she wakened her bedfellow, who was Mistresse Cromwell, before named, wife to the worshipfall Maister Oliuer Cromwel, sonne & heyre to syr Henry Cromwell, who that night was fro home. Mistresse Cromwell being awakened, and perceiuing y Lady thus disquieted, awakened her also, who greatly thanked her for it, declaring how she had bin troubled in her dreame, with mother Samuell and her cat, with many other circumstances, which she did very well remember, neither could she take any quiet rest or sleep all that night after, for feare therof. Not long after, the Lady fell very strangly sick, & so continued unto hey dying day, which was some yere & quarter after her being at Warboyse. The manner of her fits was much like the childrens, saue onely that she had alwayes her perfect senses: for somtime her paine would be in one arme, sometime in the other: now in the one leg, by & by in the other, many times in her head: yea, somtimes it would take her but in one severall finger or toe, and alwayes shake the grieued part, as if it had beene the palsey. And that saying of mother Samuel (which she used to her at Warboise, which was, Madam, I never hurt you as yet) would never out of her mind. And thus leauing this good Lady in heaven with God, we will returne to these children.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Most Strange and Admirable Discouerie of the Three Witches of Warboys . Unknown: 1593, 32-33