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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 224A familiar or spirit from Warboys in the county of Huntingdon, known to belong first to Mother Alice Samuel and then to Agnes Samuel. This spirit possesses Joan Throckmorton after Mother Samuel is imprisoned, and may also be the same spirit that possessed her in her initial fits.Soone after Mistris Ioane the eldest Sister of them all, about the age of fifteene yeres, was in the same case & worse handled indeede than any of the other Sisters were, for shee hauing more strength than they, and striuing more with the Spirite than the rest, not being able to ouercome it, was the more greeuouslie tormented; for it forced her to neese, screetch & grone verie fearefullie, sometime it would heaue up her bellie, and bounce up her bodie with such violence, that had she not bin kept upon her bed, it could not but haue greatly brused her body, & many times sitting in a chaier hauing her fit, shee would with her often starting, and heauing, almost breake the chaier shee sate in: yet was there no striuing with them in this case, for the more they labored to helpe them & to keepe them downe, the more violently they were handled, being depriued of all use of their sences during their fits, for they could neyther see, heare, nor feele any body; only crying out of Mother Samuell, desiring to haue her taken away from them, who neue more came, for after shee perceiued her selfe to be suspected.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Most Strange and Admirable Discouerie of the Three Witches of Warboys . Unknown: 1593, 6