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Assertions for a specific being.

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HardnameA spirit or familiar from Warboys in the county of Huntingdon, known to belong to Mother Alice Samuel and to have been given to her by the man known only as Langlad. According to the spirit Smack, this spirit will support him in his fights against Pluck, Catch, Blew and White. Smack says "his name standeth upon eight letters, and euery letter standeth for a word, but what his name is we know not." Smack claims through Joan Throckmorton that Hardname is the one spirit that stayed with Mother Samuel during her imprisonment, and was fed daily with blood from her chin.The next day which was Wednesday, she was very ill, and when night came and supper was ended, she first fell into her sensible fit, and after that was ended, she fell into her sencelesse fit. Anon, fetching a great sigh, she sayd, Who sent for you maister Smacke? He made aunswere that he was come according to his promise which he made unto her on Sunday at night. Belike sayd she, you will keepe promise, but I had rather that you would keepe you away, and come when I send for you: but what newes haue you brought? I told you sayd he, that I had bene a fighting the last Sunday night, but I haue had many battels since. Yea so it seemeth, saith she, for here was both Pluck, Catch, and Blew, and they all came maymed unto me. Yea, sayd he, I have met with them all. But I marvell, sayd she, that you could beat them, they are very great, and you are but a little one. Said he, I am good ynough for two of the best of them together. But sayd she, I can tell you newes. What is that, sayd he? They will all at one time fall upon you and beat you. He sayd, He cared not for that, he would beat two of the best of them. And who shall beat the other two, said she? for there is one that hath bene many times spoken of, and he carrieth the name of Hardname, for his name standeth upon eight letters, and euery letter standeth for a word, but what his name is we know not (onely Hardname.) The spirit answered, that his cosine Smacks would helpe him to beat the other two. There are also two other Smacks as you may read in the old womans confession. What sayd she, shall your cosines Smacks helpe you? What, is there kindred amongst diuels? I neuer heard of that thing before, that the diuels were cosines. God keepe me from that kindred. Such like foolish talke they had together at that time. In the end, the spirit sayd, You shall haue no moe such fittes as you have had. No, sayd she, that is well, but you can do nothing but lie. Why sayd he, will you not beleeue me? No, sayd she, shall I beleeue the Diuell, who is the father of all lies? But you shall find it true sayd he. If I doe, then will I beleeue you, sayd she, but not before. I pray God it be true, but whether it be true or not, I care not a rush for you. No, sayd he, will you not thanke me? Thanke you, sayd she, hang you and all your fellowes, for I will not beleeue you no father then I see you, neither doe I care for any of you all.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Most Strange and Admirable Discouerie of the Three Witches of Warboys . Unknown: 1593, 71-72