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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
CalicoA spirit or familiar from Warboys in the county of Huntingdon, known to belong to Mother Alice Samuel and to have been given to her by the man known only as Langlad. The spirit Smack claims through Joan Throckmorton that Calico was fed daily with blood from Mother Samuel's chin even after her imprisonment.The spirite (repeating over the maydes wordes unto Mistresse Ioane) answered directly, that the olde woman had nine spirites, and shee had them of a strange man, who was now dead, and his name he will not tell: The names of the spirites were these, for after Mistresse Ioane understoode the question, then she followed it, demanding her selfe of the spirite what she thought good: The names of the spirites were these: There was three which were called by the name of Smackes, the 4. Plucke, the 5. Blew, the 6. Catch, the 7. White, the 8. Callico, the 9. Hardname. Mistres Ioane Throckmorton had himselfe, who was the first of the Smackes, Mistresse Mary had his cozen Smacke, mistresse Elizabeth had his other cozen Smack, mistres Iane had Blew, Mistres Grace had White, and the old woman had Hardname still with her in the Iayle, and what was become of the rest he could not tell: Then the mayde was willed to aske whether the old woman did reward them with any thing or not, the spirite answered that she did rewarde them every day with bloud from her chinne, saying father that her chinne did once bleede of it selfe to proove her a witch, when she desired God to shewe some signe thereof[.]

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Most Strange and Admirable Discouerie of the Three Witches of Warboys . Unknown: 1593, 94