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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 227A spirit or devil from Nottingham in the county of Nottinghamshire, known to appear in the shape of a black dog. According to John Darrell, this being was seen by numerous witnesses sniffing at William Sommer's head while he was in a senseless fit. Sommers allegedly retracted his claim of having been possessed because "the blacke dogge which brought him the bag of golde, did bidde him say so."By co[m]mission from the Archbish of York, directed to 12. especiall persons neare to Notingham, 17. witnesses were deposed, who directlie proue such admitable things to be done or suffered by the saide Summer, that neither Art nor Nature can compasse the like. Besides these 17. the names of others to the number of 60. or thereabouts, were taken in writing, readie to be deposed of the same and the like. But the Commissioners being wearied with examinations of witnesses, & seeing Summer before their faces violentlie cast into one of his sitts, so as he wallowed with his body stretched out at length with an exceeding swiftnes from one ende of the rowme where they sate vnto another, and being pulled by the cares and pricked with pinnes in his legg and hande, of purpose to trie whether he had any feeling or not, yet he remayning sencelesse, and no bloud following, the[n] they thought it needlesse to proceed any further At the same time there was seene to three of the Commissioners onely (the rowme being also full of people) a black dogge running about Sum. head as he laye before them snuffing at his mouth, which the three Commissioners supposed to haue bene a dogge in deed, and that o|thers had seene him as well as they, which was not so. To this vision accordeth the speech which Som. vttered when the Commissioners willed him to declare vnto them, who had perswaded him to say he did counterfeit, wherevnto (being interrupted as it seemed by the Deuill) he stutteringlie answered, That the blacke dogge which brought him the bag of golde, did bidde him say so.

Appears in:
Darrel, John. A Brief Apologie Prouing the Possession of William Sommers. Middleburg: 1599, 3