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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 230A spirit or familiar from Stradbrook in the county of Suffolk, known to appear in the shape of a toad and to belong to Doll Barthram. After Barthram had a falling out with Joan Jordan, Barthram sent a series of three toads to torment Jordan and keep her from sleeping. Anonymous 230 was the third and last of the toads. Jordan was advised to burn it herself, so she picked it up and went to do so, but she fell down the stairs. Jordan's employer, Symon Fox, put Anonymous 230 in the fire for her, and when it began to burn, saw a massive flame arise at the foot of the stairs. The fire seemed to endanger the house, but did no damage.ABout midsomer last, the said Doll Barthram, falling out with the said Ioane Iorden for refusing to giue her of her maisters goods, practised and devised, to afflict the said Joane by witcheries: as, through Gods permission by the meanes of Sata[n] it came to passe; which in briefe was thus. First the said Doll Barthra[m] sent 3. Toads to trouble her in her bed, not suffering her to rest. The first, being thrown out into the middest of the chamber, returned, and sat croaking on her beds side: which being thrown out of the window; another within fewe dayes after came and vexed her againe; which was taken and burnt. After that within a while came the 3d. which Ioane was counselled to burne her selfe; and going downe stayres to doe so, she was violently thrown to the stayers foot, there lying (a while) for dead. And when this Toade began to burne, (which Simon Fox had put into the fire,) a flame arose at the stayers foote where the toade lay when Ioane fell, & grew so great, that it seemed to them to indanger the house, yet no hurt was don.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Trial of Maist. Dorrell. Unknown: 1599, 92-93