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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Tom (4)A spirit or familiar from Stradbrook in the county of Suffolk, known to belong to Doll Barthram. This spirit answers to the name of Tom. According to the familiar Gyles, Tom, Gyles and J. were ordered to hang Caver's wife by Barthram. Tom "brought a rope and put it vnder her chaps" and Gyles pulled her up.But, not long after, he returned againe; in maner as at the first (except scraping the wals.) When, vpo[n] occasion of talke touching one Cavers wife, in the presence of many, he said: Tom, (which was another of the Spirites of the said Doll,) and J, at Doll Barthrams commandement, did hang her. But first I led her into a ditch vp to the chyn and could not drowne her, and therefore I brought her out againe. Then Tom brought a rope and put it vnder her chaps, and I pulled her vp and hung her. Which seemeth to haue ben so, because of the strangnes of it. For, the rope werewithall Cauers wife was hanged, was but put vnder her chaps, not about her neck: and the noose was so bigge, that three mens heds might haue slipt through it at once.

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Trial of Maist. Dorrell. Unknown: 1599, 95-96