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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 234Possibly Satan in the form of a devil, who in London, possesses the fourteen year old girl Mary Glover after the girl was cursed and threatened by the old woman, Elizabeth Jackson. During the dispossession of Mary Glover, some witnesses, including John Swan, a student of divinity, believe they see " that ther was a thing creeping under one of her eye liddes, of the bignes of a peason," which then departs the body of the young girl when she is dispossessed. Mary Glover, herself, admits that she never saw the devil leave her, "but she did feele somewhat depart," and upon the leaving of the devil, she "felt such a fredome of all the powers and faculties of soule and body," which brought her great joy.whyle he was thus contending with her to keep her from turning full round towards him (she labouring (as I saide) with often tossinge the head from shoulder to shoulder, to gett her face opposite to his) an other preacher (M. Skelton) began to pray: and hauing a little while continued the same, the maide did fall downe suddenllye into the chaire, where shee remained without motion, her head hanging downward, somewhat inclining towardes the shoulder, her face and colour deadly, her mouth and eyes shut, her body stiffe & senclesse, so as ther were that thought, and I thinke we all might haue saide, behold shee is dead. Ther were that then obserued and after constantly affirmed (as also oue of the men of good credit who stood nere amongst the weomen, in his noates setteth it downe:) that ther was a thing creepi9ng under one of her eye liddes, of the bignes of a peason: but because it was not generally seene and noated of us, it was thought good I should not much insist uppon it.

Appears in:
Swan, John . A True and Breife Report, of Mary Glover's Vexation and Her Deliverance. London: 1603, 46-47