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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 235 (Plural)A number of imps from Suffolk, believed to belong to Anonymous 476, a woman hanged for being a witch in 1645. These imps allegedly sent her imps "to the Army, to kill the Parliaments Souldiers," as well as "the Kings Souldiers." These imps also alleged "caused a mans crop of Corn to fail." I heard a Suffolk Minister (whose habit and garb might seem to claim the title of Rabbi, Rabbi) affirm, that one of the poor women that was hanged for a VVitch at Berry Assizes, in the year 1645. did send her Imps into the Army, to kill the Parliaments Souldiers, and another sent her Imps into the Army to kill the Kings Soul|diers, and another caused a mans crop of Corn to fail, and caused that Corn which he had to be blasted, and tipt, or crockt, and this Minister did verily affirm that those things were true, for the VVitches (said he) confessed those things; but when I came to argue with him, and to tell him that these things in the Scripture-sense were Gods Preroga|tives, he could answer nothing, he was not so well skilled in the Scriptures; but he replied, Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live. I demanded of him, what was the signification of the Hebrew text, or of the Latine translation, and what was meant by a VVitch in that place, he could not tell; thus hath the salt of the earth lost its savour; and whereas those should season people with wholsome Doctrin, some teach Doctrins of Devils, and the inven ions of Antichrist, to defile the Nations.

Appears in:
Ady, Thomas. A Candle in the Dark . London: 1655, 114