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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 239A deceased woman "from below," who allegedly sent a spirit (Anonymous 240) to possess a woman in Old Gravel Lane (Anonymous 19). The spirit names her to a number of ministers who question him while he possesses the woman of Old Gravel Lane, and stated that he was sent to prevent the woman from convincing her husband (Anonymous 482) to be baptized. Some were directed, by the Ministers then present, one day to demand of the Spirit who it was that sent him thither. And the Answer was returned, that it was a Woman below; and named her Name. It was next demanded for what Cause he was sent. The Reply was, for perswading her Hustand to be Baptized. Being again askt how long he should stay there, he Replied, As long as he could. And in this tis probable that the Devil himself (if it were he) spake no more than the truth.

Appears in:
Anonymous. News from Old-Gravel Lane. London: 1675, 3