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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 240A spirit in Old Gravel Lane in an unknown area of England, who is sent by "a woman below, (Anonymous 239)" to possess a woman in Old Gravel Lane (Anonymous 19), and prevent her from convincing her husband (Anonymous 482) from being baptized. The spirit converses with a number of ministers (Anonymous 483), telling them that he intend to possess the woman for as long as he could. The ministers believe the spirit is the Devil himself. This spirit speaks through the woman, and prevents her from eating, causing "the Vessels of her throat" to swell, so she could not swallow. When speaking with a number of divines (Anonymous 284), the spirit threatens to force Anonymous 19 to kill herself by throwing her "into the water." He also threatens the divines, claiming that he will make them sick should they fast and pray for the woman, further adding that "Prayers were not effectual, save only in [the] Pulpit."She being by Profession an Antipaedobaptist, and a Follower of that Party, having upon the 21 of March been at one of their Meetings, and come home to her own Dwelling, she sits down by her Husband, with an intention to repeat the Notes which she had taken at the Sermon. But this she had no sooner done, but their Ears were surprised with inarticulate Notes or Noises of another nature, seeming to be the puling Mewes or Shreamings of three young Kitlings (although no such Creatures either in sight or knowledge were then present.) And scarce were they freed from the Astonishment of this Surprizing Accident, but they were surprized with another of a more fatal consequence; the Woman her self being taken with a sudden Blindeness, that she was not able to discern any thing before her. And immediately upon this, the Infernal Inmate (by the most demonstrable tokens of an unusual and Enthusiastick Fury) took Possession of her. The strange and unusual Gestures, and involuntary Motions both of her Tongue and other Members, gave too apparent evidence of her being Demoniacally possessed, and rendered her a deplorable Object to the Eyes of all that saw her.

Appears in:
Anonymous. News from Old-Gravel Lane. London: 1675, 2 - 3