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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
RugA spirit in the form of a mouse that allegedly comes out of the mouth of Anne Ashby. During Ashby's examination, a groom who was present called Rug to come into his mouth, and a fortnight later the groom died near the City of London.The said Ashby alias Cobler, in view of this Observator, fell into an extasie before the Bench, and swell'd into a monstrous and vast bigness, screeching and crying out very dolefully; and being recovered, and demanded if the Divell at that time had possessed her, she replyed she knew not that, but she said that the spirit Rug came out of her mouth like a Mouse. And further concerning this spirit Rug, it is reported, that the said Ashby alias Cobler being under Examination before a Justice of Peace, before whom she was carried by certain Souldiers of Colonell Humfreys Regiment; at the same time of her examination, a certain Groom that was in presence said come Rug into my mouth, which Groom, as it is reported, died within a fortnight after, near unto the City of London.

Appears in:
E.G., Gent.. A Prodigious & Tragic History of the Arraignment, Trial, Confession, and Condemnation of Six Witches at Maidston Kent. London: 1652, 5