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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 246An apparition in the form of a "little child," who appears to the Hooper household after it is visited by a monster in the shape of a bear (Anonymous 245). Margaret Hooper, who is allegedly bewitched, goes to prayer with the rest of her household after the monster leaves, but is suddenly overtaken by an evil spirit (Anonymous 248) and wraps herself around the post of a window, while a fire burns at her feet, "the stink whereof was horrible." Her husband, Stephen Hooper and his brother try to take her off the window, asking the Lord to help them. Immediately after this, Margaret Hooper claims she can see a little child, Anonymous 246, out of the window. The entire household looks out the window, and see the child who is "with a very bright shinning countenance," and who enters the chamber, outshining the candle there. The household falls "flat to the ground," in thankful prayers to God that he had helped them, and the child vanishes. However, Margaret Hooper is dispossessed. Anonymous 246 cast out the evil spirit (Anonymous 248) living within her. and sudden|ly the woman was got out of the bed, and the Window at the beds [illeg.] head opened, whether the woman unpind the Winddow, or how it came to passe, they knew not but it was opened, & the wamons leggs after a miraculous man|ner thrust out of the Winddow, so that they were clasped about the post in the middle of the Winddow betweene her leggs, the people of the Chamber heard a thing knock at her feet as if it had beene upon a tubb, and they saw a great fire, as it seemed to them at her feet, the stink where|of was horrible, the sorrowfull husband and his brother, imboldened themselves in the Lord, and did charge the Devill in the name of the Father, the Sonne, and the holy Ghost, to depart from her, and to trouble her no more, then they laid hands upon her, and cryed to the Lord, to helpe them in that their and so pulled her in a|gaine, and set her upon her feet, then shee looked out of a winddow and began to say O Lord (quoth she) me think I see a little child, but they gave not regard to her, these words she spake two or three times, so at the last they all looked our at the winddow, and so they espyed a thing little child, with a very bright shi[...]ning counte|nance, [...] a great light in the Chamber, and the can|dle burned very brightly so that they might one see ano|ther, then they fell [illeg.] flat to the ground, and prayed the Lord that he had so wonderfully assisted them, and so the child vanished the woman being in better fe|ling of her selfe, was laid in her bed, and a ked forgive|nesse at Gods hands, and of all that shee had offended, acknowledging that it was for her [...], that she was so , of the evill spirit, and God be thanked she hath beene ever since, in some reasonable order, for there hath beene with her many godly learned men, from divers places of the Countrey.

Appears in:
Anonymous. Most Fearful and Strange News from Durham being a True Relation of one Margaret Hooper of Edenbyres. London: 1641, 5 - 6