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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 247The devil in the shape of a snail, who allegedly appears to Margaret Hooper during one of her fits. Margaret claims that the candle in her bedchamber was suddenly burned out, and she saw "a strange thing like unto a snale, carrying fire in a most wonderfull sort" out of her room. Stephen Hooper, her husband, calls for a new candle to be brought in, "seeing the candle was cleene burnt out," and hoping this will calm his wife. He also assembles his household to come sit with her. However, Margaret Hooper remains fearful, claiming that she can still see the Devil.Sunday she seem|ed to be very patient, and conformable untill midnight at which time the candle which was set burning in the same Chamber was burned, she then suddainely awaking, cal|led to her husband, and cryed out saying, that shee did see a strange thing like unto a snale, carrying fire in a most wonderfull sort, whereat her husband was amazed, and seeing the candle was cleene burnt out, called to his Brothers and Sisters that were in the house, with other of their friends watching, and sitting up to comfort her, if her extreame fit should any way molest her, who hea|ring him call, come in, and brought a candle lighted, and set it upon the table, which stood neere where the wo|man lay, She began to wax very fearefull, saying to her husband and the rest, doe not you see the Devill, where|at they desired her to remember God, and to call for grace that her faith might onely be fixed upon him, to the van|quishing the Devill and his assaults, Hell (quoth shee) if you see nothing now, you shall see something by and by

Appears in:
Anonymous. Most Fearful and Strange News from Durham being a True Relation of one Margaret Hooper of Edenbyres. London: 1641, 6