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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 248An evil spirit allegedly responsible for Margaret Hooper's strange behaviour and thought to possess her. The spirit causes Margaret Hooper to mutter to herself frequently, or to "use much idle talke," as well as causing a number of fits: she is once pinned to her bed and foams at the mouth; in another fit she cries out in the night. The spirit (Anonymous 248) allegedly leaves Margaret Hooper when a child surrounded by light (Anonymous 246) visits her at the Hooper household.Thus continuing there one day and something more, shee returned home to her husband, partly agreeved at such things as shee thought her husband might reforme, if God lent him life, now when she was come home to Edenbyres, shee found her husband recovered to an indifferent health, to whom shee began to use very much idle talke, as wee concerning the same farme as also concerning an old groat, which her sonne being a little boy had found about a weeke before, thus she continued as if she had beene one bewitched, or haunted with an evill Spirit, untill the wednesday at night following, which night she tooke her rest something indifferently untill the morning, at which time she began with much vaine speech to disquiet her husband, and to vse much idle talke, but her husband seeing her in such a mind, and finding that she was, as it were desperate; he perswaded her to cal upon, God [.]

Appears in:
Anonymous. Most Fearful and Strange News from Durham being a True Relation of one Margaret Hooper of Edenbyres. London: 1641, 2 - 3