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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
WilletOne of three spirits allegedly kept by Ellen Smith of Maldon. Smiths son claimed that his mother kept the spirits, named Willet, Great Dicke, and Little Dicke, in a wool pack, wicker bottle, and leather bottle respectively. When Smiths house was searched authorities found the bottles and pack, but the spirits had vanished away.Besides the sonne of this Mother Smith, confessed that his mother did keepe three Spirites, whereof the one called by her greate Dicke, was enclosed in a wicker Bottle: The seconde named Little Dicke, was putte into a Leather Bottle: And the third termed Willet, she kepte in a Wolle Packe. And thereuppon the house was commaunded to bee searched. The Bottles and packe were found, but the Spirites were vanished awaie.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Detection of Damnable Driftes Practised by Three Witches Arranged at Chelmifforde in Essex. London: 1579, 13