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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
GeorgeA familiar that appears in the form of a dog and is allegedly kept by John Palmer. George appears to Palmer after he participated in a malefic compact with the Devil, and is accompanied by another familiar named Jezebell, who appears in the form of a woman. This familiar was possibly responsible for an attack on Mr. Cleavers' horse.By the plain confession of Palmer it may certainly be guessed that the Divel took advantage of him i[...] this breach, and brought him into [...] upon this ground; in as much as hee was (as hee said)of a fretfull and revengfull nature, and not being [...] himself to aveng himself of his adversaries hee [...] joyned himself to the Divel, and wrought [...] in the eyes of the Lord: upon his [...] with the Divel, hee received a [...] side, which gave suck to two familiars [...] form of a dog which hee called George, and the oth[...]r in the likenesse of a woman called Jezabell, when the Divel first made this mark he drew his bloud and caused him to write his mark upon the ground with his own hand therewith[.]

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Devils Delusions or A Faithfull Relation of John Palmer and Elizabeth Knott. London: 1649, 3-4