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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
JezebellA familiar that appears in the form of a woman and is allegedly kept by John Palmer. Jezebell appears to Palmer after he participated in a malefic compact with the Devil, and is accompanied by another familiar named George, who appears in the form of a dog. This familiar was possibly involved with the killing of one of Mr. Cleaver's horses.By the plain confession of Palmer it may certainly be guessed that the Divel took advantage of him i[...] this breach, and brought him into [...] upon this ground; in as much as hee was (as hee said)of a fretfull and revengfull nature, and not being [...] himself to aveng himself of his adversaries hee [...] joyned himself to the Divel, and wrought [...] in the eyes of the Lord: upon his [...] with the Divel, hee received a [...] side, which gave suck to two familiars [...] form of a dog which hee called George, and the oth[...]r in the likenesse of a woman called Jezabell, when the Divel first made this mark he drew his bloud and caused him to write his mark upon the ground with his own hand therewith[.]

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Devils Delusions or A Faithfull Relation of John Palmer and Elizabeth Knott. London: 1649, 3-4