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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
MawdeA familiar that appears in the form of a toad, allegedly kept by Mother Dutton which she names Mawde. Mawde lives in the border of green herbs within Mother Duttons garden, is fed with blood drawn from her owne flancke, and can allegedly tell every man's errand on sight.2 Item, that one Mother Dutten dwellyng within one Hoskins in Cleworthe Parishe, can tell euery ones message, assone as she seeth them approche nere to the place of hir abroade, and further, she keepeth a Spirite or Feende in the likenesse of a Toade, and fedeth the same Feende liyng in a border of greene Hearbes, within her Garden, with blood whiche she causeth to issue from her owne flancke.

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Rehearsal both Strange and True. London: 1579, 9-10