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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
LillyA familiar spirit from Catworth in the County of Huntingdon, which appears in the form of a white puppy, and known to belong to Elizabeth Weed. Lilly's function is to cause harm to people whenever Weed desires it; in this capacity Lilly was sent to kill Henry Bedell, but was unable to due to lack of power. Lilly succeeded, however, in killing Bedell's child. Weed also set Lilly on Edward Musgraves, but Lilly was unable to kill him.She saith, that about one and twenty yeares since the being saying her Prayers in the evening about bedtime, there did appeare unto her three Spirits, one in the likeness of a young man or boy, and the other two of two Puppies, the one white and the other black[.]

Appears in:
Davenport, John. The Witches of Huntingdon. London: 1646, 1